Movaz the pioneer of transport technology

    • Movaz is the 1st smart transport platform in UAE that provides a unique combination of flexible logistics solutions and state-of-the-art technology that can increase efficiency, improve customer experiences and reduce the environmental footprint of transportation.
    • By connecting our customers with our trusted partners, we meet the increasing demands for fast, low-cost and extraordinary transport experiences. For the benefit of businesses, consumers and the environment.
    • depends on people coming back again and again as you want.

The need for innovation

    • Good ideas are usually born out of problems that need to be solved. Movaz is no exception. Living in Dubai as an expat comes with its perks, as well as, the hassle of shifting houses & finding reliable, professional & low-cost movers. So, our idea came as an on-demand transport service that enables drivers with trucks to connect with people and businesses with deliveries, supported by live-tracking & smart logistic solution that reduces cost & waste.

The beginning of an era

    • Transparency & control of how goods are transported & delivered are the ultimate goal of Movaz towards its customers, by enabling the ApS (advanced planning & scheduling) & the live-tracking systems, we create the most perfect & modern business model that provides our customers with a hassle free, low-cost & eco-friendly experience.

Movaz services for people & businesses

      • We support everything with our state-of-the-art technology providing full transparency and control of your logistics.
      • We have supporters on standby to assist if needs be.
      • We certify and manage the quality of all drivers who are at least 21 years of age and have 100 percent clean criminal records.
      • Anyone can easily order fast courier service on the website or in our app for fast, safe and low-cost delivery with live-tracking all the way.
      • Companies can order on-demand transport or get a business solution providing fast courier delivery or tailored transport and logistics solutions – ad-hoc or full outsourcing.