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Terms & Conditions

These general terms & conditions for customers determine the terms & conditions that apply to all customers of Movaz.

Exceptions to these Terms & Conditions may be stipulated in individual agreements, which will at any time take precedence over these Terms & Conditions.

1. Provider of the service:

The service provider is: Movaz Logistics


2. The Service:

Movaz is an online platform & application that mediates contact between customers & partners, so that Movaz customers can have goods transported in UAE. The purpose of Movaz service is to ensure that the user of the platform can have goods transported by the following means of transport:

1.Motorbike or Passenger car

2.Van or pickup

3.Lift trolley

4.Refrigerated van

Customers are responsible for the goods being transported in the chosen means of transport. Partners who have been approved by Movaz will then be granted the rights and obligations arising from the Partner Terms. Movaz platform enables our customers to send a request to Partners, who can then accept the shipment. Once the Partner has accepted the transport in question, information is exchanged, including names of both partner and customer, type of vehicle, real-time location, addresses, instructions and so on.

3. Registration:

Customers wishing to register as users and use Movaz platform must provide the following information:

1. Name

2. Mobile phone number and email.

Customers must be at least 18 years-old to be registered with Movaz. People who have registered on Movaz platform as customers will receive a personal account with a password. The registration with Movaz is personal and may not be used by anyone other than the customer.

4. Transport of goods:

Movaz platform allows the customers to send a transport request to one of our Partners. Our clients can send a request for transport here and now, or they can enter the date and time of the desired transport.

The customer has the full responsibility to inform about the correct description & number of the items in connection with ordering.

Movaz enters into the contract with the customer and then brings the customer into contact with one of our partners by sending the customer’s request to partners in the area. Collection of the goods at the desired time presupposes that a partner accepts the request.

5. Delivery:

When goods are considered delivered to the right recipient, customer’s will be notified & obliged to ensure that the customer himself - or another authorized recipient of the goods - is present at the address designated by the customer as the correct place of delivery at the time of the partner's arrival. However, this does not apply if the customer has given consent for the goods to be placed outside.

If there is no authorized recipient present at the address designated as the correct place of delivery, the partner must try to contact the customer in order to agree on the terms of an alternative delivery. In this situation, the customer will be obliged to pay for the additional costs associated with such alternative delivery. However, this does not apply if the customer has given consent for the goods to be placed outside.

If the partner is unable to get in touch with the customer, the partner is entitled to place the goods in front of the address after a waiting period of 15 minutes at the place of delivery. the risk for the goods must be considered transferred to the customer.

Once items are delivered, customers are required to submit their digital signature providing digital proof-of-delivery.

6. Rating of partners:

Movaz uses a rating system where the partner/driver is rated by the customer on a scale from 1 to 5 stars, which represents the partner's/driver’s overall performance as follows:


2.Needs improvement




Customers should note that a partner/driver who does not maintain a running average rating of 4.5 or above will be assessed by Movaz & will then decide whether Movaz wishes to continue the partnership. The partner/driver will be excluded from Movaz platform if Movaz does not wish to continue the collaboration.

7. Payment:

Payments made are non-refundable.

The customer has to provide Movaz with full details & description of the order, including, but not strict to; all Photos/description of the actual shipment or any further shipments to be added later. In case of failure to do so, Movaz reserves the right to change the price accordingly or cancel the order.

Any complaint about a completed transport or its settlement must be submitted within 24 hours after the transport is completed by email to

8. Personal data policy:

Movaz collects and processes a number of information about the customer, including in connection with the registration of the customer on Movaz Platform.

In connection with registration, customers expressly consent to Movaz processing & storing the information in accordance with the Data Protection Ordinance (2016/679) of 27 April 2016 (the “Data Protection Act”), cf. separate personal data policy.

Movaz is the data controller for this processing and processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with good data processing practice in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Movaz does not pass on customer’s information to another company for marketing purposes. Movaz does not use the information on behalf of another company for marketing purposes unless the customer has given his express consent.

9. Default:

In the event that the customer does not comply with the obligations arising from these Terms of Business, Movaz is entitled to immediately exclude the customer from Movaz platform.

In particular, Movaz is entitled to exclude the customer from Movaz platform if:

1. The customer exhibits aggressive, harassing or degrading behaviour.

2. The customer does not comply with applicable law, including in particular the Penal Code, the Firearms Act and the Narcotic Drugs Act.

3. In case of non-payment, Movaz must immediately after an exclusion, notify the customer via e-mail to the customer’s associated e-mail address. However, Movaz is not obliged to justify the exclusion.

10. Gift cards and discount coupons:

Movaz can make available gift cards or discount coupons that are used as consideration to the payment to Movaz, for example in connection with fees. A gift card can be used to fully or partially cover a payment, while a discount coupon reduces the amount that the customer has to pay for a particular transaction.

Gift cards or discount coupons do not reduce the amount received by the Partner, as the difference between the amount before and after the use of the gift card or discount coupon is refunded by Movaz.

Gift cards or discount coupons cannot be replaced in the event of loss or theft and cannot be used after a possible expiration date.

11. Disclaimer & limitation of liability:

The use of Movaz platform is at the customer’s own risk.

The information & recommendations received by the customer on Movaz platform are for informational purposes only and do not constitute advice.

Movaz is not responsible for the following:

1. Inaccurate content or errors in Movaz platform, such as typing errors or unintentional functions.

2. Personal injury or property damage that occurs at a time when the goods are not considered to be in Movaz possession.

3. Behaviour or actions of partners or other customers.

4. Movaz do not accept liabilities for goods that were confiscated, seized, removed or damaged by the Police, Customs Authorities or other government agencies from the origin to destination. Normal wears & tears, natural or gradual deterioration and changes caused by the atmospheric conditions and other moulds, rusting and other infestation.

5. We are not liable as well for any delays of transit for such reason like: weather, or environmental accident or any machinery malfunction.

6. Customers & partners bear the sole liability of inspecting item before the pickup &/or any damages that may occur during transportation.

12. Amendment of the Terms & Conditions:

Movaz may at any time and without prior notice change these Terms of Business and discontinue the service by notifying the customer via email to the customer’s associated email address.

In the event of changes to these Terms and Conditions, customers will be notified and any use of Movaz platform by the customer will thereafter be deemed an acceptance of these Terms.